01 May 2012


 Last year I spent May 1st in Görlitzer Park with the rest of Berlin. We got high and drunk and sat in the grass and looked at all the people around us. It was amazing. Equally fantastic was this year's May first. A good day at work with lunch in the park followed by a long bike ride to the suburbs to celebrate Cecilie's birthday. Old friends in a garden in sun. What more could you wish for?
 Dd a little sightseeing on the way. Grundtvigskirken is truly an impressive building...
 Beautiful birthday girl.

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Jessica said...

Bra blogg! Hittade den helt random då jag i vanlig ordning satt på google och försökte hitta Berlinbloggar.

Världens bästa stad! Och om två veckor flyttar jag dit..!