30 April 2012

Jutland revisited

I've spent significant amounts of time in Jutland lately visiting friends in Aarhus and grandparents in Aalborg. Thursday I once again found myself in Aalborg as I had an interview Friday morning. So I spent the night at Kristiane's where we celebrated that Amalie will issue her first book, watched funny things in TV and talked and talked.
More than four hours in the train heading north is a long time......
 Proud friends drinking champagne.
 Friday after the interview I hitched a ride back to Copenhagen with my mom. We drove over the Great Belt bridge in the finest spring weather.
 We went to Louisiana with my youngest brother looking at avangardist women's art and breathtaking photos.
 We also ate there, which was a surprisingly good experience.
I took my brother into town Saturday where we walked around shopping, and he bought a cool cap. It's always good with some brother-time.

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Amalie said...

<3 <3 <3 <3!
Best friends celebrating!