18 April 2012

The day we killed a seagull

"Let's have lunch in the city!" said the art director. "On me! Let's have sushi at the pier in maritime surroundings!"
So we drove down to Langelinje, along Indiakaj. There were two seagulls on the road, one fled, the other didn't. Afterwards, it sat in the road, paralyzed and injured with a bewildered face, as if it didn't know what happened to it. We had to kill it. As soon as the art director had pulled out an iron item from the car to finish the poor creature off, a big truck came to the rescue. A little hesitant, it drove its fat tyres right over the seagull, I heard a snap, and the white feathers covered the air. It was definitely dead. And we were sad.
With this dramatic action, we drove down and ate our sushi by the sea, wind playing with the hair and with a view to the construction site where they're building the new FN-stuff. We couldn't help thinking that the seagulls flocking around us were out to revenge their murdered friend. But we hoped they just lusted for some raw fish food...
 The day started out less dramatically at Grød with AnCa. We were in much need of a good talk, so we slowed down over a coffee and filled the air with words.
Mmmm... My love for sushi is ever growing. I don't know why it took me so long to understand it.

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