13 April 2012

Berlin chapter six: Fleas and Das Hotel noch ein mal

 Sunday was hungover time again. And the sun was shining, so we took the U8 north to go to Mauer Park's fleamarket. Too busy, too much hungover in the bodies, so we went a little south to Arkona Platz. I like that fleamarket much better, it's low key and the stuff is of higher quality. I bought a little letter (no comments), and we soaked up the afternoon sun.

Breakfast was a steinofenpizza from Mauer Park - and lots of coffee....
 AnCa found this old thing that used to belong to a train. She was teased a bit about it, because Kirstine and I could vividly see the airport people's faces when they saw it. But AnCa insisted, and she brought it home in one piece.
 We also made room for an afternoon snack at Kauf Dich Glücklich in Oderberger Straße. No popcorn ice, unfortunately, but the chocolate was good.
 At night we went to Manouche for galettes, and it turned out to be jam night at the little French bistro. Suddenly, 15 or so musicians appeared and started playing instruments among the dining people. It was sooo good.
 Later I went to Das Hotel for a midnight Moscow Mule and some dancing.

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