11 April 2012

Berlin chapter three: Hungover and steaks

The only real sunny day was spent being hungover. We had food in Dieffenbachstraße, and I tried to go back to the apartment for a nap. But as soon as my tired head hit the pillow, a trumpet troup started noising up outside, and the nap was ruined. Instead I went to Hermannplatz for a beer before joining the girls for dinner at Little Otik in Graefestraße - sooooo good!
 While I was in Hermannplatz, AnCa and Kirstine sat in the bus at Görli painting easter eggs. I love how they turned the old bus into a crammed kiosk and café. There's pick'n'mix candy and the best atmosphere.
 Plus, the sign is beautiful.
Dolled up for dinner+. The food was excellent, and we had such a good time. But my sleep depravation caught up with me, and I had to cancel on the spring break drunkness for one night.

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