10 April 2012

Berlin chapter one: Sushi and Weinerei

Ah, Berlin. As always, you can never know what happens. I lost my credit card on the first bender, there was a water leak in our apartment, we slept way too little per night, fought with neon-powder in an old house and generally laughed our way through six days. Here's day one, where we dined and wined before turning in early (not so Berlin...)
 Our apartment. Kreuzberg. High ceilings, bare walls. Great.
 The little Japanese man at my favourite sushi place lit up in a big smile when we entered Wednesday night. And the sushi tasted better than I remembered. (Zionkirchstraße 42, Prenzlauer Berg)
 Weinerei! (Veteranenstraße 14, Prenzlauer Berg)

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