10 April 2012

Berlin chapter two: Sanderstraße and Moscow Mules

 Thursday began at Ringo, my old breakfast place around the corner. It's so simple there, and always filled with regulars reading newspapers, drinking coffee and discussing culture in German. Their breakfast is great - and cheap! (Sanderstraße 2, Neukölln)

 I like how the plattenbaus around Weinmeisterstraße 'talk to each other' through the breaks in the facade. Ah... And the font!
 Our old street! We popped into spätimama and said hello and also quickly sent some Italian words flying with the pizzaman in our building. It's nice to know that you're not forgotten.
 Getting ready for first night out.
We started out at the Twin Peaks bar in Sanderstraße, but there was hardly any people, so we swallowed our Moscow Mules and went to Das Hotel in Mariannenstraße.
We met Ervin on the way, and he sat in a tree at Kottbusser Tor.
 Jarl and Kenneth came by. And we ended up going to Weserstraße for a bodega and some Club Mates.

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