10 May 2012

All I want comes in colours

 A little batch of randomness from the last days. I was shocked when I came to work on Tuesday and find that a very beloved colleague had been fired. He - and two others - will be very missed... So we decided to splurge and make French press coffee to take the edge off and make it tolerable to keep working.
 The other day I came home to see the poster up. I've been wanting to hang it ever since I moved in, and Simone managed to do the work. Finally, the bare walls are dressed.
 Met with Mette for an impromptu dinner date at Grød in Jægersborggade. We both had a rich risotto with goat's cheese, fried cherry tomatos and sprinkles of green. Had it not been for my cold, I would've probably thought it very tasty.
 We topped the dinner off with some ice cream.
 Green view!
 Did some more decorations on the bathroom doors yesterday...
 I love the giant window when it's sunny outside.
 AnCa and Kirstine came around for the second edition of Twin Peaks Wednesday. It was so scary we didn't have the courage to fetch more ice cream in the kitchen. Damn you, Killer Bob!

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