07 June 2013

A declaration of love

Gee, it's good to be back! It's been a long long time since I've enjoyed being in Copenhagen so much. The weather is amazing; blue skies and sun, everybody's out enjoying life, and I'm running around hugging friends I've missed, talking, laughing... Since living in Berlin I haven't been so thrilled about Copenhagen, but this time around I'm seeing new sides of the city, and it's nice rediscovering my love for this place. In all the haze of seeing old friends I've neglected my camera a bit, but here's a little of what I've managed to capture;
From my father's house in the north I can see Sweden in the distance. I love sitting on the balcony with the glimmering ocean in front of me and hearing the ferries roar in the distance. 
On Wednesday I had brunch with Kathrine followed by a walk around Vesterbro, before heading to Frederiksberg to gather with the girls from high school at Klaudia's. We sipped wine and laughed a lot. Yesterday I met Jonas for an ice coffee by the lakes before going to Christianshavn to hang by the water with Kristiane and Kathrine.
 Christianshavn is so idyllic with the old, crooked houses and cobbled stones on the streets.
We sat for a long time by the water, looking at tourists boating by, waving at youngsters in rented boats and following kayaks down the way before they disappeared somewhere in front of the opera house. Bliss.

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