19 February 2014

Glimpses #8

I'm leaving for Denmark tomorrow. I'll be gone for a month and it feels sort of strange. I'm looking forward to seeing people, obviously, but I don't want to leave Berlin. In January, it took me so many days and so many upsetting thoughts to mentally get back to this place after the holidays, and now I'll be gone for much longer. I guess my relationship with Berlin is a little more complicated than first acknowledged. And then there's the whole spring thing. For years I've been looking forward to being in Berlin during spring, and I'm afraid I'll miss it while I'm up north. But I think I just have to do this to get a significant chapter of my life out of the way. Glimpses from last week;
I met sweet Jessica for a coffee at List (Weichselstr. 66, Neukölln). The coffee wasn't too good, but luckily, the company was.
It was a sunny day, and just before the sun went down, we took the elevator up to the parking lot at Neukölln Arcaden to photograph this beautiful city. I should do that every time I'm feeling down or out of touch with this place; there's something truly magnificent and reassuring about seeing things from above.
On Wednesday, I took a spontaneous spring walk with Johanne.
On Thursday, I worked with Johanna at Roamers (Pannierstr. 64, Neukölln).
And Sunday was brunch time with Ida and Stine at Aunt Benny's (Oderstr. 7, Friedrichshain). I'd been wanting to go for a long time, and despite the bad light for photography the place didn't disappoint one bit. Great coffee, excellent brunch, and then it was just three Danish girls having a terribly good time - I'm sure we raised a few eyebrows by our loud loud laughter fits and shameless conversation! (Luckily, there weren't many Danes around to hear what we were talking about...)


Hanna said...

Berlin looks like it's filled with quaint cafes with good coffee!

karen sofie said...

Hanna; It really is! It's taken off the last couple of years, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it :)