04 February 2014

A swift weekend visit

OK, so half of Kathrine's impromptu Berlin visit was spent with epic hangovers. All of Sunday, we did nothing but lie in bed feeling sorry for ourselves, sleeping and watching junk. Oddly, it was quite cosy. I am so happy Kathrine came to Berlin - also despite the Sunday hangover. Saturday was sunny, and we walked around my kiez having coffee, talking and laughing. I love love love laughing with this girl! Come back soon! (Photos are totally sporadic).
After coffee at Five Elephant (Reichenberger Str. 101, Kreuzberg), we went up to Markthalle IX where the Saturday markt was on full blast. We didn't buy anything, but we ate with our eyes!
I love the burger mural.


Mara said...

Yay, your blog pictures are just as good as your Instagram pictures! ;)


karen sofie said...

Mara; Thanks! And thank you for all your comments!

amelie LAROUX said...

i discover ur blog and i love it ! So fresh & beautiful :)

karen sofie said...

Amelie Laroux; Hi, and thanks! Welcome to the site, hope you stick around :)