21 March 2012

Best of Berlin #7: Summer

Boy, it's been a long time since my last best of! The last weeks in Berlin were filled with light, parties and endless happiness, and so many things happened. I guess we were all determined to make it the best summer ever. We were all going to leave the city by the end of July, so we partied, laughed and sure did make the best of it! (Read the other best ofs here, here, here, here, here and here)

 Went on assignment to one of the most beautiful places I've been in Berlin; the old DDR-funkhaus. Architecture at its best, an overwhelming story and plenty of atmosphere...!
 AnCa and I partied lots... We even had our special wine at our local späti - we didn't have to say anything, the lady at the kiosk ran to the shelves to fetch the wine as soon as we walked in......
 I went back to Copenhagen for 40 hours to celebrate my brother becoming a student.
 Spent some time in the sunny city with Tine.
 Back in Berlin I had breakfast at the terrace with Nina.
 We also had lots of cocktails.
 Marlene came to visit and we went for sushi a rainy summer night
 When it cleared up, we went boating in a little lake in Tiergarten.
 Later that day we met AnCa in Tempelhof where they had a little carneval (it was fashion week).
 My mom visited, and we had pancakes at Kauf Dich Glücklich in Oderberger Straße.
 One of my goodbye-tours went to Karl-Marx-Allee where I once again looked at the many cool buildings.
 We celebrated Chris' birthday in Tempelhof one night with a barbecue. I remember cycling home in the night with the rain prickling on my face feeling disgustingly happy.
 I stopped being a tourist in Berlin long ago.
 Our goodbye party is still the best party I ever held in my life.
 My one year anniversary with Berlin was spent driving around the city saying goodbye and photographing.
 The roomies said goodbye at Manouche, our local French crêperie.
 The last day was spent with JC in a city that rained from the moment the day begun until it ended.
Bye bye Börlin.

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