25 March 2012


After having been sick for a week - as in not being able to stand on my feet for days - I was finally ready to face the outside again. So I packed my overnight bag and jumped on a train bound for Århus.

 The weather was good in the little city I once sort of called home, so Kat and I bought ourselves an ice coffee that we drank slowly by the water.
 There were beautiful flowers, too.
 Gingerbread lady!
 Kat lives in a small round room right under the top of the roof, and from her two windows you have the coolest view in Århus.
 We went to Train to see I Got You On Tape - quite fitting as I listened to them a lot when I lived in Århus back in 2009.
 Later, we met some of the others at a bar where I found a Club Mate on sale - the very last one they had! They didn't know that the only right way to have Club Mate is to drink a little, fill the bottle up with vodka and drink straight from the bottle. But you can't have everything...
Looking silly...
 Today we woke up to a shiny blue sky. Jonas came by with exotic fruits, and we made brunch. And coconuts!
A friend-and-Århus-infusion was just what the doctor ordered!

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