31 March 2012

Soundtrack: Gang Gang Dance

One of my really great music loves is Gang Gang Dance. I first came across them in the fall of 2009 when Jonas introduced me to 'House Jam'. It became my favourite song that season. I fell in love with the complicated arrangements and the fact that they seem not to want you to like them.
When they issued their latest album 'Glass Jar' last spring I fell in love with them all over again. This time, it was the big love. The album was more easy to get into without losing the complicatedness that's so intriguing. I could listen to 'Chinese High', 'Adult Goth' and 'Romance Layers' over and over. The album became the soundtrack to my magical spring in Berlin, and it still reminds me of riding around the city on my bike looking at pink trees, parties full of laughter and feeling endlessly happy.
When Chris came to visit in May, we went to HAU to see Gang Gang Dance. Both huge fans, it was by far the best concert I saw in 2011.
 After a long period of time where I couldn't listen to Gang Gang Dance, because it made me sad and miss Berlin too much, I started listening to it again when it became spring in Copenhagen. Now, I don't think I've listened to anything else for a few weeks. And I've fallen in love with GGD again.


Line said...

Du ser simpelthen så fin ud med løst hår!

karen sofie said...

Tak tak :) Det sker sjældent, måske man skulle gøre det lidt oftere...?