04 March 2012

Weekend in Jutland

My mom moved to Herning for love in the fall, and this weekend my brothers and I went overseas to visit her. Her birthday is on Tuesday, so she gathered the family to celebrate. We looked at art, laughed a lot, teased each other, played music and games, ate lots of sugary things, drank coffee, went to the fleamarket and played with Rosa, the beloved diva-dog. 

Young couple.
 We went to the Asger Jorn museum in Silkeborg. I'm not such a big fan of his art, but the place had a really great architecture, and I fell in love with the windows - surprise...
 A brother at the fleamarket.
 "Good offers don't hang on trees. They're right here"... Tsk tsk.
Chilling dog even posing when lying down.

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