29 September 2013

Sunday cakes in old factories

This weekend has been wonderful. Yesterday was walking around Friedrichshain with Cordula (more about that in another post). Today, I drove down to the other side of the Ringbahn (oh!) to crawl into an old factory where someone had put up a stage and a table balancing on blue beer crates. On the table was an impressive display of cakes, and the whole thing was lit up by the strong, golden fall sun that shone so brightly through the huge factory windows. There was Nina and Johannes, there was Malene and Nicola, there were a bunch of gorgeous people with knitted sweaters and top hats. All in all a perfect Sunday.
 The day began at home where Jenny had invited friends over for brunch. Lots of German, croissants and laughter. Plus, I'm sad to be leaving this place and Jenny and Cordula. It's been two superbe months.
 At the factory, I met up with Nina who's always up for standing in front of a blue door.
 Malene, her Nicola and the Mexican photographer.
The sky over Hühnerhaus on 'almost my corner' was so beautiful when I walked home.


Becca Waterloo said...

another set of great pictures! looks like fall over there


karen sofie said...

Thank you!
Yeah, it's creeping in on us :) It must be over at you too?

Anonymous said...

Er det en nyåbnet café du har besøgt?

karen sofie said...

Nej, det er et slags kunstnerkollektiv, der plejer at holde koncerter der. I søndags havde de bare lavet nogle kager i stedet for som en slags støt-op-om-projektet. Så ingen café, desværre :) Kunne ellers være en fed location!
De hedder Bei Ruth, du kan finde dem på Facebook, hvis det er.

Anonymous said...

Ja præcis. Tænkte nemlig også, at det var et fedt sted!