12 September 2013

Glimpses #4

Wow, the days just run by, and suddenly it's mid September. I'm currently sittng in my father's kitchen in Denmark trying to work after not having slept an entire night. Insomnia seriously sucks, especially when you need to wake up at 3.45 to fly to Denmark. Oh well. I sold my camera and now I'm awaiting the next chapter in that department. So for now it's all iPhone snaps. And here's what I've been up to lately:
 I have enjoyed many a coffee out in my city. Sometimes in the company of great literature.
On a particular low day for me I walked through Görli, tried to brush off the many drug dealers trying to make a sale, and then I came across this reflection in a puddle. Small things like that can cheer you up in an instant. And it was well needed.
 I bought Chinese shoes in an indian summer craze, but then fall came around and now they're just waiting for a festive occasion and perhaps some colourful stockings?
 This year's perhaps last ice cream was a runny one in a cup made out of waffle somewhere deep inside Lichtenberg.... Gotta love German kitschiness.
 On Friday I met up with Anne, Mikkel and Christoffer for a nordic music event - of course the place was crawling with Danes. We do take any occasion to celebrate how great we are... The night turned out to be a little drunk at Club Der Visionäre, my first time there. It was a great night.
 The other day I walked by Michelberger Hotel and had to look inside. Wow.
 Monday morning's coffee in between rain showers was enjoyed at Café Neun in Markthalle IX.
 The markthalle was closed and quiet, and the rain drizzled down on the roof. It was quite cosy.
 Yesterday I visited Malene's new haus and had coffee in her cute little kitchen windowsill. Her courtyard was alright, too.
I touched ground in Copenhagen early this morning and peeped out onto Istedgade. There's something weird that happens every time I land in Copenhagen airport. At first I get confused when I hear people speak Danish and I think "wow, I wonder what they're doing here". Then comes the inevitable yet always surprising rush of feeling at home when I walk into the airport terminal. And then I see some confused Dane acting out and I get tired of it all already. What a roller coaster. But it's always nice to be home anyway. My other home, or my original home, however you want to see it. Hej København!


Becca Waterloo said...

that reflection photo! wow! I need to frame all of these...

karen sofie said...

Aw thanks, Becca :)