02 October 2013

Glimpses #5

Suddenly it's October. It happens every month, but every time it feels like the month just vanished. I now live in the West. One of my bags were stolen when moving in - it was literally standing in the hallway for 5 minutes, but poor person who stole it; it only had my dirty laundry and some books in Danish. Anyway, I'm a little behind posting things so here are a round of photos that are a few weeks old...
Nina and I took the M29 bus the other day; we sat high over the traffic and had the best view of Hermannplatz - also in spite of the rain.
 September had a cluster of grey days, and sometimes it was hard getting up in the morning only to see heavy clouds outside.
 One Friday, Cordula and I went out for drinks spontaneously. We started at Schwarze Traube (Wrangelstr. 24, Kreuzberg) and later met up with Adam and his posse. We crashed an Italian girl's birthday party in a factory like building in a courtyard somewhere and had club mates with vodka.
 One day after yet another apartment viewing (didn't get the place) I met up with Cordula at Spreewaldplatz for a walk and a coffee.
 I love love love this facade and those letters!
 We had coffee at Lerchen & Eulen, one of those Kreuzberg cafés with good coffee, old furniture and a decent amount of good looking hipsters. Ah, love it. (Pücklerstr. 33, Kreuzberg)
 One night I headed over to Nina's lovely apartment to have Vegan food and meet new people. We had a blast and discussed everything from Germans' relationship with their past, to the Danish language, to funky names. And the food was great!
 Before going out on Friday, Cordula, Jenny and I took a walk around our neighbourhood. I visited Five Elephant for the last time as a Kreuzberg-citizen, and we took in the green trees around Lohmühle.


Becca Waterloo said...

those turds. i'm sorry your bag was stolen :( the leihaus picture is gorgeous. and so is that dinner setup.

karen sofie said...

Mega turds. So frustrating. But I guess that's what happens :)