05 October 2013

Week 40

I finally got an apartment! Albeit, a small one, but in the neighbourhood I've wanted to live in for years. So I couldn't be happier. This week was a busy one; I moved to the west and did lots of spontaneous things. The weather was beautiful, I soundtracked my life with Agnes Obel and spent a lot of time in the u-bahn...
 On Tuesday, I went to Lichentberg to do an interview at the Stasi museum. Such a terrifying place, and I got tons of new knowledge about a dark chapter in Berlin's history.
 Later that day I went to Neukölln to look at an apartment. I got another one, but this particular one was very very beautiful (just look at the entrance!)
 I chose the long way back to west and sat in front of the tall M29 bus with a great view of Berlin in the golden afternoon light.
 I'm enjoying the kitchen in my new place; the tiles are wonderful, the light is gorgeous, and I can finally brew my own coffee again. Which I have taken advantage of, indeed.
 On Thursday, it was German reunification day, and I took the U-bahn to Potsdamer Platz where I met up with Cordula to celebrate with the masses. On Brandenburger Tor there was a huge stage, and there were wurst-stalls, a ferris wheel and lots of German teenagers. We saw British boyband The Wanted and had lots of fun. Not my music at all, but a really fun experience nonetheless.
Yesterday, we spontaneously decided to go to the opera. The famed ballet 'Swan Lake' was playing in Deutsche Oper, and you can get cheap tickets (€13) with a student card if you show up an hour before the show. The ballet was magnificent, we swooned over costumes and dancer-bodies, and I swooned over the beautiful architecture in the Oper.
Today is spent inside with coffee, work and films. Very nice indeed. Have a good weekend out there!

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