21 October 2013


Weekend weekend weekend
On a grey Friday morning, I headed to Kreuzberg to sign the contract for my new apartment. I will move in on Saturday, and I. Can't. Wait. It's going to be very grown-up to have an entire apartment for myself, and I can't wait to decorate - and to see my own furniture again after a whole year.
 Friday night meant a spontaneous round of cocktails in Neukölln. I spent way too much money on drinks, but at least we had so much fun. First at Paloma (Skalitzer Straße 135, Kreuzberg), then next door at West Germany which is now called something else... Pictures are blurry...
 I do love a good Moscow Mule.
 The weekend weather was grey on grey, and the view from my window was slightly depressing. At least it was 19 degrees!
 On Saturday, I had an appropriate amount of hangover in my body, and as the sun began to go down, I went for a long walk in my neighborhood to clear the head. Since I'm moving out in a few days, I want to get it all in. For instance, I didn't know that Kantstraße is little China...!
 That font!
 I went to the Asian supermarket (Kantstraße 101, Charlottenburg) to pick up rice paper. I love places like these.
 On Sunday, I went brunching with Adam in Schillerkiez in Neukölln. We went to Engels (Herrfurther Straße 21, Neukölln) which was super hipster, but with a good brunch buffet (but the coffee wasn't all that, as you might tell from the photo...). We sat there for hours - I tried talking Adam out of moving back to London - and were so incredibly full afterwards.
Herrfurthplatz was wrapped in fall colours and foliage, and the 19 degrees seemed a little odd. But woah, Berlin, you make my heart beat faster when you're so beautiful.


Ida Rud said...

Glæder mig sådan til at se billeder af den nye lejlighed!

Min veninde Charlotte og jeg overvejer en smuttur til Berlin lige om lidt, dvs. i starten af november - hvis det bliver til noget, må vi lige mødes til en kaffe eller ti - eller mange Moscow Mule, for that matter.

karen sofie said...

Ida: Jeg glæder mig til at vise billeder derfra ;)
Og ja, sig endelig til, det kunne være super hyggeligt!