16 October 2013

Coffee with the Swedes

Yesterday, I met up with Swedes Johanna and Hanna for some coffee-indulging at The Barn in Mitte (Schönhauser Allee 8, Mitte). The sky was grey and rainy, so it was extra cosy inside with the lavish cakes and the oh-so-marvellous coffee. Johanna I met a few weeks ago at the press trip, and I have been following Hanna on Instagram for ages, so it was fun meeting and catching up and speaking our languages. I love how Scandinavians can speak together even though we speak our respective tongues. We talked about our jobs (they're freelance journalists, photographers and graphic designers), and then Johanna did a mini-interview with me for Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. Read it here (in Swedish).
 So Scandi-looking with all the wood and industry.
 I hadn't had breakfast so I was swooning over these things. Next time I'll go for the pear/goats cheese rye.
 The view from our window seat was slightly depressing, but I guess we just have to realize that we're moving towards endless months of darkness and cold.
The beautiful ladies, Johanna and Hanna.


Becca Waterloo said...

I wish we could be real life friends :( you go to cool places!

karen sofie said...

Becca: Yeah! But I don't know about cool places, this is just Berlin for you :) I bet Chicago has some pretty cool places, too.

Nana said...

Hvor fint :)
Under min seneste Berlintur fik jeg den bedste kop kaffe (nogensinde) på The Barn. Alt for god!

karen sofie said...

Nana: Jeg har svært ved at sige det, men jeg tror, det må være det sted i Berlin, der laver bedst kaffe......