07 October 2013

A Monday fall walk

I love Berlin in the fall. Today, I gulped down my morning coffee, strapped on my Nikes and took my camera with me on a walk around this neighbourhood of mine that I don't know. This area is very decadent; the buildings are detailed, and the streets are lined with threes that are starting to surrender the green colour to the fall line. All very presentable on a quiet, grey Monday morning.


Becca Waterloo said...

yay, america. they had a diner like that in paris, when i studied abroad i had my first ranch dressing the first time in months. it was an amazing feeling.

i also love the tree picture, right after the american diner pics!

karen sofie said...

Hah, sounds amazing :) And thanks for the praise!

Alexandra K. (shurupchik) said...

Berlin, my love =)

Hanna said...

Berlin looks so beautiful. Definitely need to visit there one day.

/Rasmus said...

Great shots! Even though you don't mention exactly where you are, its clear that its not east, the small details on buildings and in the streets are so telling.

Some ten days from now I'm hosting a live blog here in Berlin - and offline version of the danish blog Vild med Berlin. If you want to you're welcome to join us and take some pictures. Could be fun ;)

Here's a link to the thing

karen sofie said...

Hej Rasmus,
Det lyder hyggeligt, og det kunne sagtens være en mulighed! Tak for 'invitationen' :)
Og tak for roserne!