17 October 2013

Small updates

The Berlin guide has been updated with a few things. Someday I will do a great update - since moving back 2,5 months ago I've discovered so many new places I'll feature. For now, I just added a few cafés and such. Stay tuned! Check out the guide here or by tapping the link 'Berlin' in the right side bar.


Valgerður said...

thanks so much for your great guide! Just moved to Berlin and was so happy to find out there is an English bookstore in the next street from my new apartment. Already went there and your description fits perfectly :)
Looking forward to trying the sushi place in P-Berg and some others as well!

karen sofie said...

Valgerður: Thanks! I envy your proximity to that place, but maybe it's good I live further away - otherwise I'd quickly buy up all their inventory. Welcome to Berlin and enjoy the sushi place, it's really good :)