23 October 2013

West I

As this is my last week in the West, I have been taking long walks down the broad streets, looking up and taking it all in. I have taken so many photos I will share them in two posts. So here's the first round; let me take you down Kantstraße.
 'My' corner of Kurfürstendamm; ecke Uhlandstraße.
 Oh what a great place that top apartment must be. Such big (and small) windows, and a view down on Savignyplatz' railway station.
 Under S Savignyplatz there are lots of small designershops. This little one served up nice juices. (And UGGs, really?)
 The equivalent on Kantstraße was this little hole-in-the-wall shop. Neat.
 Oh, that font!
 The trees are losing their clothes...
 Again, the font.
Stay tuned for trips down the sidestreets.


josietj said...

Have you seen the first issue of Flaneur magazine? The whole thing is focused on Kantstrasse! It's a beautiful thing...

karen sofie said...

Hi there, no I haven't unfortunately. I'll go look it up right away. Kantstrasse deserves a little praise :)