02 July 2013

Days in Jutland

I just came back from a few days at my mother's. She moved to Jutland two years ago to live with her boyfriend. I spent the days lounging in the sofa, watching movies, reading magazines and sleeping in. In short; my camera spent the days buried in my suitcase, so there are only few photographic memories, and they come from my phone.
It's taken me a long time to adjust to the light evenings in Denmark. For some reason I forgot that it doesn't get dark here until 23 or so. God, I love Danish summerskies.
 I made fresh summer rolls one night, and it was a big hit. At least for my mom and I - I will make that so much more from now on.
Before catching my train back to Copenhagen, my mom took me into town for a brunch. I had to swallow my sometimes pretty harsh words about the country. Wow, Herning really does have something great to offer - the brunch and the whole atmosphere at Aroma (Fonnesbechsgade 14, Herning) was amazing. Go go go if you're in the area!

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