25 July 2013


I'm back. It's been 732 days since I, crying quietly behind my sunglasses, drove out of Berlin, saw the TV-tower glimmer in the setting sun, and went back to Denmark sort of unwillingly. I have spent the last two years longing to go back, especially the first year was tough, and I found it difficult being present because I thought my happiness depended on living in Berlin. Now I'm finally here, and it feels a little strange. Not bad, not good, just a little distanced. Oh well, maybe it's because I'm literally melting in the excruciating heat (it's already bad at 30 degrees, and on Sunday it'll be 36....) I'll return with more from Berlin, and not to mention quite a lot from Slovenia, Italy and days in Denmark. Here are a few snaps out the window of my temporary Kreuzberg palace. So long!
 My beloved K-lamp has returned to the motherland! I bought it last year at the fleamarket at Arkonaplatz, and I think it might be my favourite piece of furniture.
From my window I can see into Görlitzer Park - if not for all the trees....

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