13 July 2013

A Sunday in Vesterbro

While in Copenhagen, I usually spend my nights on AnCa's couch in the apartment in Vesterbro. It's like the old times in Berlin when we lived together. I so enjoy her company, and last Sunday, when the sun beamed down over Copenhagen, we walked around the neighbourhood, enjoying the drowsy mood and the city.
 Chris was working at Siciliansk Is in Skydebanegade 3, so we sat down in the shade with an ice cream and looked at people passing by.
 Since it's Copenhagen Jazz Festival this month, suddenly a group of guys appeared on the other side of the street and began to play. Unfortunately, it was quite avantgarde and noisy and weird, so we quickly fled the scene...
 More friendly was Louise Hart who played out the window at the café with no name at Enghave Plads 6. People were ecstatic, and she was great. We were standing in the street trying not to be run down by a bus, but quite enjoyed the music.
I had an ice coffee at Kaffe (Istedgade 90, Vesterbro) with the crazy decor, while the street melted outside.
With a quick detour to Kihoskh (Sønder Boulevard 53, Vesterbro) to fetch Club Mate (uhmmm...) and to a used book shop (Store Verners Mini Antikvariat, Sundevedsgade 31, Vesterbro) we found ourselves back in AnCa's courtyard where we soaked up sun, had a long talk about boys, ate frøsnappere (a Danish thing) and read a little bit. I had picked up Fitzgerald's novels from the Jazz Age at the book shop, and I can't wait to embark on it.
What a great Sunday!

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