09 July 2013

A tournament

My father and his wife have a yearly football tournament. They invite their friends with kids, and then they play football all day, grill in the garden and drink lots of wine (naturally). This year, I was home and able to attend, so I took the train north for a day in the green fields. I didn't play (I'm as far from athletic as you can get), so I cheered and drank wine and laughed at the brothers.
 The team; the youngest, his girlfriend, the middle, the eldest, and my father in front...
 Sølve sported an impressive - and embarassing - mullet. Normally, he has his long hair in a tight bun on his head, but in the spirit of football (and because NP rolled up his shorts to imitate a 70s' football player), he decided to wear it long.
The boys and their big sister in black...

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