11 July 2013

Days in Copenhagen

I can't believe it's been a month and a half since I left Montreal. Time goes by fast when you're nomading around the country. Although I'm beginning to long for my own place, to be able to unpack and get settled, to not having to always carry my stuff in a suitcase, spending nights here and there, I am still so much enjoying time in Copenhagen. I have missed so many people while six hours' time difference and lots of kilometres away.
 A few weeks back I came by an impromptu fleamarket in Vesterbro. It's AnCa in the middle.
 Vesterbro Torv is usually a little run-down, but it gets a nice gloss with a florist popping up.
 Tine and I had amazing coffee at Kaf Bar 9 (Antonigade 9, Indre By). I admired the décor - rustic vintage galore - and then there was the sublimely orange entrance...
The other day, AnCa and I had lunch at BioMio (Halmtorvet 19, Vesterbro) - although the menu is good and full of organic pleasures, the prices are horrific. 135 DKK for an omelette.... Come on.
I spent a day with Chris; as she usually lives in London, we rarely see each other, so it was soooo good to be able to enjoy her for a whole day of walking and talking. We walked from Vesterbro to Mitte, had old school apple crumble by the water and went home with deli take out to watch Mad Men in the sofa. Truly needed.

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