26 July 2011


I'm going to try an experiment: I was actually going to shut down my blog when I moved back to Copenhagen, but after having blogged a whole year in Berlin, it's difficult to say goodbye to this page. But continuing to blog in Danish about a life in Copenhagen so different from the one in Berlin, I'll try and write this in English to make my words and whereabouts a little more interesting for people outside this little country of mine. I'll try it out for some time, and we'll see how it goes. Comments or suggestions are welcome...!
So. I've moved back to Copenhagen. I've said goodbye to Berlin, cried a little bit and settled into a new apartment in my old neighborhood, Vesterbro. It's strange and doesn't quite fit me yet. I feel a little amputated, as if my arm is still in Berlin. However, I'm pulling myself together and thankfully have some people here that are more than wonderful to come back to. That's why I've already had lots of friend-time in Cph:

 Met up with Kathrine a very rainy Sunday afternoon, we went to Bang & Jensen in Istedgade where we laughed a lot and ate my very favourite ATM-sandwich. Aubergine+tomato+mozzarella = perfection. The place is located in an old pharmacy and is very Vesterbro with run-down furniture and macbooks.
 Afterwards we picked up a bottle of white wine in Netto and went home to her windowsill to listen to Bon Iver, drink wine and smoke cigarettes out the window while it continued to pour out of the sky.
 Today I loaded up on groceries and had myself a great first breakfast; yoghurt from a milk carton (yes!), apples, nectarines, blueberries and sunflower seeds.
 My new street.
 Had coffee with Chris at 'Kaffe' in Istedgade, a really cool place I'll show you later. We also went down Skydebanegade, where my old regular coffeeplace, Kaffe & Vinyl, resides.
 Chris works at Siciliansk Is in Skydebanegade, where they have amazing ice cream, and I tried it out for the first time = yum.
 We went back to my place and climbed up the stairs to have tea at my rooftop terrace. Although it was a little chilly, it was the first day in weeks (apparently) with a little hint of sun, and we sat up there with Copenhagen at our feet.


Anonymous said...

hvor hyggeligt at se fotos fra mit nabolag. Vi bor jo nærmest lige ved siden af hinanden. Pudsigt. Bliv ved med at blogge, du.
God tirsdag!

karen sofie said...

Sjovt - København er jo lille :)
God tirsdag til dig også, og jeg fortsætter med at blogge lidt endnu.

Anonymous said...

Dejligt, du fortsætter bloggen! Jeg kan rigtig godt li', at læse med her...

karen sofie said...

Ohhappy: Tak :)

Katrine said...

Ligesom Pernille - velkommen tæt-på-nabo :-) Jeg tænker... Gad vide om jeg ikke også får brug for "krisehjælp", når jeg vender hjem fra 4 måneder i Afrika til jul. Du må sgu være lidt tom indeni.. Men så er det med at bruge vennerne godt og langsomt kravle op igen - og skabe nye drømme ;)

karen sofie said...

Det er meget tomt indeni. Men sådan noget plejer jo at blive bedre efter lidt tid. Lyder spændende med Afrika (!) - men ja, venner er guld, når man kommer hjem og bare trænger til et langt kram.

Lou said...

Synes det er fedt du bliver ved med at blogge - jeg bliver i hvert fald hængende og læser med glæde dine "dokumenter" :)

karen sofie said...

Tak, det er lækkert! Er meget overvældet af alle de positive tilbagemeldinger på, at jeg fortsætter. Så er man sikker på, man har valgt rigtigt :)

MichelleBach said...

Dejligt at du fortsætter med at blogge :) Og så kan jeg nikke genkendende til glæden over youghurt fra karton!