18 December 2012


So. Another year has passed and I'm now a quarter of a century old. Scary scary thought. My day was very fine, a bit quiet, but as I'm writing assignment there wasn't anything to be done about that. I had brunch in good company, was showered with amazingness and also found time to pamper myself in the midst of all the assignment writing. So, what was this year, my 24th?
It was the year where I
- made big decisions. Both uncomfortable and hard ones and liberating and exciting ones.
- fixed my broken heart.
- moved again.
- thought a lot about life.
- travelled. London, London, Berlin, Berlin, Budapest, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar, Berlin.
- got far too stressed.
- said goodbye to family friends that passed.
- was financially challenged
- truly found out what and where I want to be in life.

I have a feeling that my 25th year will be exciting. 
Had brunch at TGV Café (Banegårdspladsen 4). Not the most inspiring decor but the brunch was really great - French inspired with crunchy croissants, Cru ham and velvety cheese. Mmmm.
For dinner, I went to Olinico (Mejlgade 35) for take away. Mashed rootvegetables and chicken + apple pie for dessert...

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