27 December 2012


I can't believe it's been two months since I posted this! I guess when you spend all your time doing assignments and filling out papers to go off somewhere far away, time just evaporates. In 5 days I'll be on a plane with a great book, my adventure-playlist on the iPhone and good things ahead. The last few months in Aarhus have been strange and not enjoyed as much as they could have been. Aarhus and I have had a complicated relationship: I moved here in late 2008 and was off to a rough start in a squatter apartment with pigeons upstairs and homeless people breaking in downstairs, no job and no money. Later, things looked up as I started journalism school and had 1,5 years of partying, meeting people I can't live without today and learning so many great things. Then came Berlin and Copenhagen, and when I moved back here, nothing was like before and I was stressed out with school. Now it's goodbye and it's with a strange feeling; I never fit in here - as a Copenhagener you'll never be fully accepted in Aarhus... - and it was always a temporary stay. Nevertheless, I've been very happy here, and I'll look back on the Aarhus days with happy memories. So here's how I spent the last weeks:
 I made it to a crazy party with Michelle.
Tine visited me for a few (lovely) days.
Had coffee with Lou and Michelle at Great Coffee.
 I went for a walk.
 I watched it get colder outside. I sure will miss looking at the little coloured houses!
I had lots of coffee in bed (and a few eggs).
But mostly - and sadly - time was spent in front of the computer working working working.

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