12 December 2012

Børlin through phone squares

Internet was a little different to come by for me in Berlin, so I haven't been able to blog the last few days. But here I am - and of course with snaps from the city. I'm well back in Aarhus now, significantly charged with Berlin-goodness, and ready to take on the last week of assignment hell before Christmas, New Years and Montréal - flying out January 1st. Hell yeah. So, Berlin:
I arrived at night and went to Hermannplatz to have drinks with Jamin and his friends. This little balcony in Reuterstraße was a nice welcome.
 I spent lots of time at cafés where I could suck up their internet. At Oberholz (Rosenthaler Straße 72a, Mitte) I had this spinach quiche - huge piece, huge deliciousness.
 U Rosenthaler Platz
 Weinmeisterstraße was my stop when I worked at the magazine; love the tiles there and the stripes.
 Beauty in Urbanstraße.
 I spent hours at Bully's Bakery too (Friedelstraße 7, Neukölln) - they serve flat whites and make excellent flammkuchen; I had one with goat's cheese and spicy chorizo. Thin-thin crust and goodness!
It was also at Bully's that my charger broke...
 I used to live in the white house on the corner. Aahh, Urbanstraße...
 View from the platform at Sonnenallee S-bahn station early one morning on my way to an interview.
 I had been sick for a week or so when suddenly, on Saturday night, my left ear started hurting, and I couldn't hear anything. So Nina and I spent a night at the hospital, first at Urbanstraße Krankenhaus before ending up in Neukölln. It turned out to be a middle ear infection so I was sent home with lots of drugs, but it killed some of my journalism-on-assignment-buzz the next couple of days.
 The next day, Jamin invited me for dinner, and I curled up in his huge kitchen, fever blasting, while he made me food and talked about fun stuff.
 In Grimmstraße, Barbie and her friends were doing yoga (and acrobatics?)
 Bye bye U-bahn / Hallesches Tor
Yesterday I took the bus back, 9 hours, and it was a beautiful ride. Thanks for this time around, Berlin, I'll see you properly in May!

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