29 December 2012

Glimpses from a month that flew by

December was gone in a heartbeat. I'm now officially without home and I have everything I'll be needing for the next five months in a suitcase. Liberating, actually... So, December was a strange time. On the plus side, I spent a week in Berlin, I turned 25, I got a grant that makes the financial situation somewhat easier, had a wonderful Christmas and got one step closer to Montréal. On the down side, I spent two weeks being sick, said goodbye to a beloved friend, was stressed to new levels over the assignment and I turned 25...
 Rosa suddenly got a tumor in her brain and was put down on my birthday. It was very strange coming home to my mom for Christmas and not having the little dog running towards me as I closed the front door. We all miss her terribly.
 Berlin was great. I felt at home and for the first time since moving away I didn't have that desperate feeling in my heart visiting, like every fiber in my body longed to be there all the time. I think it's because I know I'll be moving back in May, for good, so I know I'll be back soon.
 A little nook in Aarhus.
 Having a middle ear infection meant popping pills all the time - while writing an assignment, that is...
 Festive nail polish.
 A 25-year old face with a bow.
 I handed in my assignment - the worst thing I've ever written for school - and left the building knowing I won't come back until November when I graduate as a journalist.
 Some of the presents I gave away this year.
The youngest brother was keen on Christmas dinner.

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