10 May 2015


Last weekend, I went to north Jutland to see my grandparents and teach my grandmother how to use the iPad we'd given her for her 75th birthday the weekend before. It was great fun to teach her, and she got really good. Saturday night, we drove out to the west coast to have dinner at fancy hotel Svinkløv. The trip out there was just as great. My grandparents know every inch of the area and told me tales of the places and the people and the nature and everything. I love those trips. After the dinner, we walked along the coast, the sea was uncharacteristically calm, and the sundown was mesmerizing.
My cool grandmother working at the iPad.
When we arrived at Svinkløv, we bumped into a festive group of friends and they wanted to take a picture of us.
I want to live near the sea when I get older.
The beach looked almost outer-worldly as the sun went down.
I love this photo of my grandfather.
The boats had been drawn up on the beach, and they were just lying there as if waiting to touch the salty waters again.
Those two. They have been married for 55 years and are still as in love with each other as ever.


Deborah said...

Thanks for the trip and lovely, lovely photos. I haven't been to Svinkløv, but I know how it is up there, just wonderful. Such lovely photos and aren't your grandparents just cute. Mine used to live up there as well, but they've gone now.

karen sofie said...

Yes, it's such a great place! And thanks, my grandparents are indeed cute :)