18 August 2012

24 hours: Spontaneous party, fleas and very tall shoes

Oh, I do love summer. To hell with nomadness, hungovers or too much heat - there is nothing quite like hanging out with your friends having impromptu parties in the apartment below, running around Nørrebro trying to find shadow, or sipping ice coffee while laughing. I've done all three in the last 24 hours:
First thing on Friday; went by work to say a proper goodbye and was showered with goodness. My editor gave me a very fine speech, I got presents and said goodbye to all the good people I've worked with during the last year. When I left, the magazine waved me goodbye for several minutes, until I got on the bus. Oh.
 Later, I had dinner with Chris on her balcony. When I laughed loudly, someone on the balcony below called my name. It turned out to be Tania whom I haven't seen for months. So we went downstairs for a beer, some drinks and a lot of roudy talking.
 It turned into a little party with lots of dancing with the balcony doors open - it was so warm! The party got bigger and moved to a nearby bar with more drinks and smoking and dancing.
When we woke up, Chris and I went to Nørrebroparken where Iben and some friends had gathered local girls and boys together for a fleamarket. There was a communist party right next door so it was all good. It was 30 degrees and really humid so everyone was sweating - but enjoying themselves.
 Beautiful Iben in her booth.
This was also where I tried on these shoes. They took me right back to my Spice Girls days and I would probably have bought them if I had had the money. But my account is definitely drained at the moment, so bye bye shoes.
 Jonas and I went for some pizza in Stefansgade and he borrowed my camera for a bit.
He can also photograph windows.... Now I'm back in the north fighting a cold - ironic when there's a heat wave. So long!


Marian N. Larsen said...

sikke en fantastik weekend! er vild med de gule sko!

karen sofie said...

Mega god weekend! Har virkelig fortrudt, jeg ikke købte skoene. De ville have været sublime til et aarhusiansk efterår. Mon man kan finde en erstatning?