28 August 2012

Outtakes: It'll be a new chapter in a minute

The summer's almost over. I hate the last days of a vacation because I have a hard time enjoying them to the fullest. My mind is already occupied with the next step and it's frustrating. It's been a good summer, though. I haven't quite gathered it yet, it's a patchwork of things, but it's been good. The next chapter is around the corner, but the last days of vacation will be full of fun and games and I plan on a little craziness. Here are some outtakes from the last month:
 Chris, Tine and I went to the botanical garden where we were kicked off the lawns by an angry man with earrings.
 One of my favourite murals in Copenhagen is this one in Sundevedsgade in Vesterbro.
 The youngest brother was a hipster in Aarhus.
 Aarhus was looking fine when I was there for 24 hours in the beginning of August to move all my stuff back into my little apartment. I had mixed feelings about it all.
 This is the view from my father's house in the north. It's odd how calming it can be spending a day looking at water.
 Another mural in Copenhagen that's close to my heart: this one is right outside Chris' apartment and I've looked at it so many times the last three years. Her home is always my second home.
Now I'll enjoy a little slow time before going back to the city and eventually back to Aarhus...

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