14 August 2012


 Friday, I went with the lovely Chris and Iben to Østerbro to an old, beautiful house. Inside, the designer Soulland gave an afterparty to his show earlier that day (it was fashion week...) I don't know what I'd expected, but it must have slipped my mind that fashion week parties = pretentious people thinking they own the world, no real fun because everything is about being seen, and just glamour. I left at 3am when I'd come to the conclusion that I'd rather sit in a smokey bodega with real people. Maybe I'm just getting old?
Saturday I made breakfast for a hungover Chris who'd come home four hours later than me that night, before we went to Nørrebro.
Here, we dropped a few things off at the castle - now inhabited by my two brothers. It was strange seeing my home with their things, but we had a good laugh when NP tried on his birthday present from mom; a home-knitted sweater that was much too big.
 We, Kristiane, Chris and I, went down to Jægersborggade where there was a street party in the fine weather.
 People sat in the streets drinking Coffee Collective-coffee, eating buttery croissants from Meyer, looking at each other and having a good time.
 Many people had festive stuff hanging out of their windows, like the balloons here. It made everything very nice, and it seemed like the whole street really participated in the event.
 We sat down on some stairs and ate risotto from Grød, talking about Kristiane's upcoming adventures. She's moving to Oslo, and it will be so exciting.
 The next day, after Emil's birthday party, I dragged my hungover body down to Sønder Boulevard where there was a fleamarket. Iben, Chris and I walked around in the heat looking at things, and I bought a camera and two pairs of earrings. It was a really nice day.
To top it off, I had chèvre chaud at Dyrehaven before packing my suitcase again and heading north to my father's. The next couple of days will be all about writing articles... So bye bye Copenhagen festivity. For now.


HannaM said...

What is that you have made fo breakfast ? it looks good ;)

karen sofie said...

It's bananaomelette; a mashed banana, two eggs and some grain (you can spice it up in all different kinds of ways) - bon appétit! It's ridiculously easy to make.