02 August 2012

Eastern Europe chapter 2: Budapest

Day two of Budapest:
After a night of sleep (in an actual bed!) we changed our plans again deciding to take the night train to Belgrade.
So we put our bags in a locker at the station and went out on our last day in Budapest.
We decided to find the area we'd partied in the night before, because it looked cool in the dark and had to be too in daylight. But we got lost and spent some time looking bewildered in one of the city buses...
 When we found or way again we stumbled upon this café where they served super cheap lunch - and local. It wasn't all that good but it was definitely interesting... (Food post coming up later)
 We found the area and walked around for a few hours looking at second hand shops, run down buildings and photographing. We walked into a little courtyard that looked so beautiful and peaceful and managed to take some snaps before an old man came out yelling in Hungarian making us run quickly out again.
 After a slow coffee in a hipster bar we took the U-bahn to the Buda side of the river to have a better view of the crazy looking parliament building. It was quite breathtaking in the late afternoon light so we took a hike on the little hill with the castle and the coloured buildings.
 We had a really good view of Buda in the dusty light.
 On our way down the hill we caught a glimpse of some people behind some trees. They turned out to be sitting on a bridge, their feet dangling in the air many metres over the traffic. My fear of heights was severely tested, but although slightly paralyzed with fear I managed to sit there looking out on the lit bridge and city.
And then it was goodbye to Budapest. A night train ride lay ahead; a night of bumpy sleep, waking up to show passports and tickets all the time, but also new adventures waiting in a new city...


Michelle said...

Ihhh glæder mig helt til at besøge Budapest! Ser ud til at I havde en hyggelig lille tur i byen :)

Er forresten ret glad for tonen/farverne i dine billeder. Passer lige til stemningen. Så skønt, så skønt!

J said...

jeg tager til budapest om 2 uger. kan du huske navnet på det hyggelige område?

karen sofie said...

Tak! Det var en rigtig god by - man skulle lige finde de mindre turistede områder, men så er den også cool. Kan anbefale at udforske området omkring Kazinczy Street, der er mange gode barer (Szimpla og Kuplung, f.eks.)

karen sofie said...

Uh, god fornøjelse!
Jeg ved ikke, om området har et decideret navn, men det er i gaderne omkring Kazinczy Street. Barerne Szimpla (Kertész Street 48) og Kuplung (Király Street 46) er rigtig gode - det var der, vi var - men der ligger helt sikkert flere. Gaden Anker Köz har nogle fine genbrugsbutikker og en ret smart hipsterbar, Anker Klub, og gaden er i det hele taget fin. Jeg tror måske, området hedder Magyarország?
Håber, det kan hjælpe lidt...?

Michelle said...

Tak for tippet! Dem kradser jeg lige ned i min lille notesbog :)