24 August 2012

Thursday: Illegal party and lovely ladies and gentlemen

Thursday was a good day. Met Klaudia for coffee in Nørrebro where we were interrupted in our talk by a confused man desperate to know if we knew the name of a 'famous Danish painter of erotic paintings who had died 10-20 years ago, and who had been so huge he had to burried in a piano box'... We couldn't help him, unfortunately. Later, we bumped into Anna and talked in the streets, before I headed downtown.
 Here, I met Chris, Mette and Amalie for a beer in the park where one of our friends was doing a dj gig. He was supposed to play in a rooftop in Islands Brygge, but the venue cancelled so the crew moved to the park. It was sort of illegal, and the power came from a generator, so now and then the music stopped and someone had to go pull a piece of string to set it back on. But it was festive. And Jonas from Berlin came too (no pictures, though...)
 The ladies were lovely as always.
 The sky grew more dramatic...
 ...before sending a light shower down on all the hipsters that ran into the bushes.
 We talked to mr. DJ...
 ...who played a really good set.
A guy had given up and took a nap in the grass. We didn't discover him until he wrapped his hand around Chris' ankle... And then he gave people annoyed looks as if we were bothering his sleep. Thursday was a good day.

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