03 March 2016

Offtime goodies

I had a long weekend. Saturday was spent mostly watching films in bed and reading. On Sunday, I was promised sunshine but the sky was eternally grey. I had lunch with Chris, met AnCa for a coffee and a walk around Christianshavn, and at night I plunged into the red seats of a cinema with Kristiane. We were going to watch the Oscar show live, something I've never done before. I thought I'd fall asleep but I managed to stay awake until 6am when 'Spotlight' won Best Picture. The whole cinema cheered when Leo won. Also when Alicia Vikander won - she's Swedish so that makes her almost Danish..... I was very tired on Monday but it was a fun experience.
I will never grow tired of looking at Christianshavn's beautiful old buildings.
Also, this is my favourite view in the city.
We came by this little building. Isn't it wonderful?
I was awoken by a sunbeam that penetrated my eyes on Monday. I met Kathrine for a luxurious Monday brunch and it was heaven with all the sunlight.


Becca Waterloo said...

I'm amazed to see you were up the whole night watching it... it ended at 10:30 for me and I was pooped! Kudos to you!

karen sofie said...

I embraced a sort of marathon-mentality. It worked surprisingly well. I was hungover-tired the next day but after a good night's sleep I was back to normal.