20 February 2017


It's been one and a half month since I last checked in here and an update is in place. I was hired at the newspaper for the next six months and so my life has been measured out in routines since the beginning of January. It's really nice to have something steady and I love being back at the newspaper instead of working at home. But it makes for a dull photo folder on my iPhone as all I see every day is the rooftops from the office. So here are the few glimpses in my folder that are more than just rooftops;
I went out with the youngest brother in the beginning of January. We had tatar and frites (my favourite dish) in a café in Østerbro and had the best time. I love hanging out with him!
Some days were sunny and I had an afternoon working at home where the living room was flooded with the most beautiful wintery light.
Original Coffee opened up in new a spot in newly renovated Illum; now they have the top corner of the old department store, and the café overlooks busy Strøget. It makes for a great scenery to go along with a cup of coffee.
Two weeks ago it snowed. And it looked magical from my office window.
It also cheered up the yellow courtyard at home. I love looking at that facade from my kitchen window.
And last weekend I went up north to famous architect Arne Jacobsen's first home. He built it in 1929/1931 for him and his family and it was a myriad of beautiful details and solutions. Normally, the house is rented out but because a lease just ended, the company who administrates the house opened it up to the public for the weekend. So lovely!
Oh those windows and that view!
The house was full of corner windows which created a playful way of looking out onto the garden.
Last week, I stayed in my old apartment. Some of you who have followed this blog for a long time might remember The White Castle as I dubbed the apartment due to its flooding of light. My father and his wife live there now and they were traveling so I stayed in the apartment for a week. It was strange being back; I can't believe it's been five years since I moved out, but it was also nice to be back and I kept remembering little things from that time. The view was the same, though, and it was just as nice as I remember.
This weekend was spent in the north with my friend Tine. We stayed at her parents' house while they're on vacation and it was like being back in high school when I hung out there all the time. We relived old times, went for a long walk in the park and watched movies on the sofa. Oh, it was just what I needed after a hectic week.
I finished the weekend with a few hours in the apartment enjoying the last of Sunday's light before heading to the cinema to watch 'Lion' with friends. I cried my way through the movie and can definitely recommend it!

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