24 March 2015

Went to Bath

So, the weekend before last I went to Bath in England to visit my friend Cordula, whom I lived with in Berlin. Bath is on the world heritage list and it feels like walking around in a Jane Austen novel. So naturally, we indulged in that world and dressed up, ate scones and saw old estates. All in all a very girly and fun trip!
(Photos are a raw edit, because I no longer have the editing programme I used to. Any recommendations for a good, cheap editing programme for mac?)
The first day, we took the train to Bristol to see Tyntesfield, a Natural Trust estate a little outside the city. Very Downton Abbey (here, Cordula is in Bristol, though)
Bristol was colourful despite the grey sky, and I loved the water that sliced its way through town.
Tyntesfield in all its many levels.
There was a nice tree and a goofy smile.
 The next day, I hung out with Jane Austen.
We went to the Royal Crescent, which was impossible to photograph well, so instead I took a photo of these adjacent buildings that sat nicely on a row.
Later, we went to the Fashion Museum and dressed up. Something I'd otherwise find too silly, but which was so much fun. Notice how well my shoes went with the dress..... And then we hung out with a group of Japanese girls and they were so much fun!
You get why this town is on the world heritage list. The Circus was very sweet, just a round 'square' of buildings from the Regency area. So beautiful.
On my last day, we went to see the Roman Baths. Built by the Romans circa 2000 years ago, it's one of the most well-preserved baths of that kind in the world. Bath lies on a net of natural springs, and the water was said to have healing powers back in the day.
Before catching the train to the airport, we had time for an all time England classic; the high tea. I could barely eat half of the coffee cake on top, but it was so good!


vix said...

oh, dear! how exquisite! Beautiful city...

Nana H. said...

Meget fine billeder, jeg vil så gerne til Bath en dag! De bade der.. <3

Deborah said...

I haven't been there, but it's one of the many places on the "to-see-list" in England.

Thanks for lovely photos as always and the tour round. Pleease feel welcome over at mine too.

karen sofie said...

Vix: It really really is, almost like walking in a movie set :)

Nana: Tak! Og ja, jeg tror også, du ville kunne lide byen. Den er så fin og yndig!

Deborah: Definitely a must-see! And thanks for the praise :)