12 March 2015


It's finally here! On Sunday, it was the most perfect spring day. Although it was a little windy and still quite chilly, I spent all day outside walking around with friends, laughing and drinking many cups of coffee. It was wonderful!
I'm sorry I'm not a very good blogger at the moment. I am super busy with work and projects and friends and all sorts of things. But I do check in regularly, if only to see that the site is still there. Hope you are too! And hope it's also spring where you are.
I love when the light casts dots all over a street like this morning the other day. Every day, I get a coffee to go and the walk from Nørreport to work is a favourite.
On Saturday, it was overcast and I was hungover (and perhaps still a little drunk from the night before...), but it didn't matter cause I spent the day with the brothers.
The breakfast table on Sunday was golden.
Here I am. Hi!
A blanket of spring at Assistens Kirkegård.
Again, window reflections. The best.
Copenhagen, and particularly the lakes, were plastered with people out enjoying the first rays.
Dronning Louise's Bro was packed as always. I don't think you'll find a better catwalk than that...
It was March 8, the international women's day, and people had put up coloured flags on the bridge and a demonstration went by.
We sat for a while by the water, trying to ignore the wind and just keep talking, but when it became too cold, we headed further up the street for pizza at Gorm's in Torvehallerne. Best Sunday ever.

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