09 June 2016

Glimpses from summer

Ah, the weather has been wonderful the last couple of weeks. I've been able to produce a tan and I've enjoyed every second of the sunny evenings. I've said it before but summer in Denmark can be pure magic.
One day, I made pancakes for breakfast. I had begun a new book, a huge epic about New York, and I was spending a few days just reading. So pancakes went along perfectly with that.
A rainy morning I went to Nørrebro to do some stuff and I had morning coffee at this beautiful spot. It was full of young beautiful men who built some things inside. Not too bad.
More reading.
Chris has been living on my sofa for the last two weeks and some mornings we start the day at nearby Vesterbro cafés. Prolog in Kødbyen is definitely a favourite!
Someday I want to live in Christianshavn. Oh it must be wonderful having the water outside your window.
At the end of May, my aunt from Israel came to Denmark for a brief visit. I took the day off and showed her around Copenhagen. We went up the tower of Christiansborg to take it all in, and afterwards we took the harbour bus to Papirøen for a lunch by the harbour front. It was splendid all together.
For the last week, it's been 25 degrees. I've spent the mornings on the roof soaking up the sun and working on the tan.
Also, I bought a new bike!
On Tuesday, I spent the afternoon with the lovely Anna. We had ice coffee by the canals and walked around inner city. The roof of Illum is open and the view is decent. Also, it was so great spending time with Anna - I can't believe it's already been 4,5 years since we were roomies in Nørrebro!


A + K = ♥ said...

Vildt flotte billeder du tager (:

- Kit

karen sofie said...

Tusind tak, det er jeg glad for at høre <3