28 May 2016

A taste of summer

Suddenly, there was a week of summer. Oh, the magic!
The summer week started with me being sick with a fever. When I came back to life, I met Chris for an evening stroll. We went to Kødbyen and ate delicious tacos from Hija de Sànchez.
The next morning I met with AnCa in her new part of town for a brunch out in the street. I was headed for work afterwards, but we squeezed in a walk around inner city before I was off.
On Tuesday night, it was my turn to host our monthly food club and we took it up on the roof. That's when a rooftop terrace comes in handy. We stayed up there until the light had vanished and it was such a beautiful night.
A few days later, I found myself being filmed. For what I will unveil later, but it was definitely a new experience, both humbling and very fun.
We went out to a little container town north of Nordhavn, a place I'd never been to before. That's always interesting.
Later, we headed to Christianshavn to photograph the golden hour in one of the prettiest places in town.
And then we finished off at Papirøen where I fell even more in love with this city. I'm so happy I decided to come back two years ago!

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