22 May 2016

The beginning of spring

With April came the first real spring days. Where it's suddenly lukewarm in the air and the sun begins to turn on the heat. I roamed around the city, saw some famous cherry trees and hung out. Copenhagen is great like that.
On the first of April, I went to Hellerup to do an interview. It was so warm that we could sit out on the balcony and talk. Later, I came home to discover that the sun had given my skin a little, much needed glow.
I spent a weekend in the north and was treated to a luxurious morning spread.
In the city, Amalie threw an easter lunch - set in the evening, though. She had decorated the table so beautifully, and we had such a great time. I made rosemary gimlets - heaven - and we talked well into the early hours of the morning.
The sun played hide and seek. Some days I would wake up to golden slivers on the floors like this. Other days it would be snowing...
One of my favourite places in Copenhagen is around the lakes. I love watching the houses lining the water in all their colours. Colours that pop so well when the sky is grey behind the houses.
One afternoon, I had coffee with Sølve. We headed to Central Café in Tullinsgade (go go go!) for a little slice of Paris. We talked about good things and every time I see him I'm so proud to see him grow into a kind, enthusiastic and skilled man. (Sounds like I'm twice his age. I'm not)
There were also mornings spent in bed...
And of course the cherry trees at Bispebjerg Kirkegård. Such a sight! But the last two years of intense hype has made it completely overrun. I went on a Tuesday morning thinking I might have it to myself. But no, it was so crowded I could barely take photos.
I said two scoops!!!
One night I craved ice cream so I ventured out to Ørestaden to meet up with Kristiane for an evening stroll and an ice cream at Ismageriet. Yum. But the scoops were so big I could hardly finish the ice cream... But the views were pretty.

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