19 May 2016

The walk of shame

Hi, are you still out there? I haven't been here for a long while, the longest absence in this little site's history. I've thought about coming here a few times over the last couple of weeks, but it just hasn't felt right. Until now. Because I realized I miss this space. I miss posting, writing, being in touch with all of you. And while many of you follow along on Instagram, some of you probably don't. So I'll be posting a few updates over the next couple of days, just to catch up. Since I last posted, spring has sprung. I've travelled twice. And other small things have happened. I am looking forward to telling you everything. If you're still here :)
First, a little glimpse of today. After not having had a break for a week and a half, I gave myself 3/4 of the day off today. The last quarter being reserved for research, answering emails and skyping about new possibilities. We'll see what comes of it all. The rest of the day was spent on the sofa with a book. Oh, and I had pancakes for lunch!


Marlou said...

you can't get rid of us that easy..! :)
og å - som jeg lengter etter en sånn dag, jeg også. god helg!

karen sofie said...

Tak, sødeste! Håber, du får sådan en pandekagedag inden længe :) Også god weekend til dig!