27 May 2016


My mom and I gave each other a trip to Bath last Christmas. We had been looking forward to a few days just her and me, and we had so much fun.
Bath is on the world heritage list and everything is so neat and adorable. It's like walking around in a Jane Austen movie. As my mom is also something of a tea addict and loves everything British, taking her to Bath was just right. We stayed in a bed&breakfast in a historic townhouse, we had coffee and tea all the time, spent hours in several bookstores (I brought 7 books home...), talked and laughed and ate good food.
The Circus is the most elaborate square. Completely round and beautiful.
My mom doesn't drink coffee and I don't drink tea. Luckily, we lived right next to this café, so I went there several times a day for a cup of wonders.
This Pulteney Bridge is lined with small shops and café overlooking the Avon. Again, Bath is on the world heritage list...
We spent a day at Dyrham Park, an old estate from the 17th century. It wasn't as beautiful and elaborate as Tyntesfield last year, but it was good to walk around and also see some of the countryside on the drive there. I love this photo of my mom. She only wears colours (as opposed to my black uniform), and she looks happy and giggly here with what I can imagine is her 6th or 7th cup of tea that day.
A Dyrham selfie.