07 August 2016

A new chapter

Those who follow along on Instagram have probably noticed that I have moved. Yet again. A few weeks ago I wrote down all the places I've lived. I thought it was only 26 places, but it was 29. That's more than once every year I've been alive! Anyway, I bought an apartment in Nørrebro, and even though the purchase has been a long time coming (I've been looking for a year), it feels a little overwhelming to put your signature on something and seeing six digit numbers on contracts. However, I do feel very happy to be able to create a base. A place that is entirely mine and where I can stay as long as I want. I got the keys back in June and have been taking my time getting everything in order. Cleaning the wooden floors, painting the ones in the bedroom, deciding on new furniture and all that. I am 80% settled now and it feels so good. Here's a few glimpses from the whole process:
Before the painters came over, there were millions of holes in the wall. But one afternoon I got a preview of all the great light streaming into the living room.
The bedroom floor looked like this after I had cleaned it.
Cleaning the living room in my favourite huge t-shirt my father gave me years ago after a trip to Cape Town.
First layer of blue on the floor. I went for a light blue but got a much darker shade because I hadn't compared it to a white piece of paper. First lesson....
The sofa was the first piece of furniture to enter the apartment. I have never owned a sofa before and bought this off the Danish equivalent to eBay. It's from the 50s and can be made into a bed. One of the springs came up through the seat one afternoon. I guess it's an oldie...
It felt like I had a room under water so we went out and bought a lighter colour for the second layer.
It made a huge difference.
The table is actually made of two tables, the smaller one underneath can be rolled out or taken apart altogether. They used to be my parents' bedside tables and they're full of circles from old mugs and glasses. I love that and it makes me think of the tables' life back when my parents were still together.
I got a new bed and it was wonderful sleeping in it for the first time. Even though it was so warm I barely used the blanket and I had forgotten my pillow up north and had to use my cover as a pillow...
The kitchen was one big chaos.
Suddenly, all the furniture came up from the basement and I could get started on organising and decorating.
I bought the vintage lamp online and my brother brought it from Aarhus. The table is apparently Finnish design from the 50s, and I got it in 2011 when I moved into The White Castle. It's one of my most cherished things although it's very fragile. It is beginning to feel like a home here now. I only need to figure out what to put on the walls....

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Heidi said...

So amazing! Congrats on the new place. It's already looking like a home ^_^

Funny about the floor paint ^_^" It's a great colour though now - and props for not shying away from white. It must have been pretty dark because we painted our floors the same soft grey colour as some furniture and radiators, and the floors look a few shades lighter. Pity sample pots are not a thing in DK.